Work From Home Technology Requires Careful Planning

Sounds great to sit at home and work in our pajama’s but what happens when your computer equipment breaks down. You need someone dependable and local to get you back up and running. PC Repair can help turn your bad day into a good day.

We offer free diagnostics and estimates on all repairs, so feel free to submit a quote form, give us a call, or bring your computer by, appointment only, so we can see what the problem is firsthand! A computer tune-up will bring back the performance you enjoyed when you first bought the pc. One of the most significant factors affecting computers today is too many programs running in the background with insufficient memory to meet those demands.

A computer tune-up service will boost overall PC performance. At PC Repair we can increase PC performance by making changes to specific areas of the Windows operating system. Part of this service also involves checking to see if the pc or laptop is capable of handling additional memory, aka RAM. Having a finely tuned computer with ample memory will make a big difference.

pc repair

Remote Support Assistance – Don’t have time to get to the shop? Not a problem. We can remotely repair many problems. It’s like having a technician in your computer at your service instantly.

Then, we will provide you with a remote assistance number to enter when you click the button below.

  •  Professional remote assistance at your convenience
  •  Safe software that is easy for you to install
  •  It takes few minutes to setup
  •  Perfect for the busy person with computer problems
  •  Can troubleshoot and fix many computer problems
  •  No waiting. Get it repaired now

Business Solutions – Our Business Services range from email functions and securing networks, to performing computer backups and resolving any hardware or software issues you encounter.

We will Clean and Speed up Your Computer in No Time. Just installing and deinstalling programs and services on your computer can make it slow down over time. Downloading from the internet also causes minor problems that are hard to detect except by an expert. If you are experiencing ANY issues with your computer or system, you need to contact us right away.

Removing malicious software from an infected computer to restore its proper functionality. Our technician will run numerous specialized utilities to clean out all traces of the viruses and malware, while preserving your files and programs. Also includes our optimization service. (Note, infections that are too severe may require reloading the operating system.)

A complete tune-up of your computer to make it run at its best. Our technician will perform a full assortment of general maintenance tasks, including installing the latest updates for Windows and your software, correcting driver issues, disabling unnecessary background programs that are using memory, freeing up space by removing unneeded temporary and junk files, and defragmenting your hard drive.

computer repair
Very Dirty PC

If you have a desktop computer that needs a motherboard replacement, or you need help with putting together a custom system build from scratch, leave it to our technicians to put it together and get everything up and running. (System assembly does not include operating system installation service, which is available separately. A genuine licensed copy of Windows must be provided or purchased to facilitate an operating system installation on a new-build system.)

Managed Services – Have IT needs, but don’t have the budget or need for full-time IT? At PC Repair we specialize in bridging that gap while keeping you up to date and protected. We have programs to meet all budgets with no long-term contracts.

Computer Cleaning – Keeping your computer free of dust, dirt, pet dander prevents irreversible damage to internal components. Let us put the “power” back into your system with our optimization process. We delete unwanted files, defragment your hard drive, and much, much, more. We can also identify the source of your computer crash, identify the reason(s) for slowdown in function, help with frustrating internet issues, et