Annoying Technical Problems at Your Home

There are so many possible causes to everyday problems, even the most knowledgeable of people get lost from time to time. Downtime with your computer can lead to wasted hours, upset consumers and lost business. Leave those problems to PC Repair.

pc repair

Some of common problems are

1. Slow internet

2. Slow computer

3. Pop-up ads

4. WiFi keeps disconnecting

5. Printer won’t work

6. “Blue screen of death”

7. Can’t open email attachments

8. Running out of hard drive space

pc repair

We strive on providing the best customer experience possible, tailoring service to customer unique situations. Our continued goal from the beginning is to genuinely help folks first get over their fear with today’s technology by resolving their issues and showing them how to work with the change.

IT and Networking Services for home and small businesses throughout the Connecticut area.

Is your company big enough to have computer issues but not large enough to have a full time IT person on staff? Are you ready to throw your computer out the window? PC Repair can provide you with affordable support.

You have found the right place! We are a small business, serving small to medium size businesses. We pride ourselves on getting to know your system(s) and your business so we can best serve you and grow with you.

network repair

We can build and maintain your entire network and service all of the computers in your office. We can pinch hit for your current IT department that may get tied up with larger projects or be located out of town. From network overhauls to small projects here and there. Whatever your need, we can help.

Most of our repairs take only 1-3 business days to complete depending on part availability. We guarantee accurate, honest quotes and repair times.

We know how important your business is to you, leave the computer business up to us! Call today for more information.

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