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In today’s digital age, computers have become an integral part of every business’s daily operations. From managing data to communicating with clients, computers are essential in performing various tasks. However, with the increasing reliance on computers, there is also an increase in the frequency and complexity of computer problems. These problems can disrupt a business’s operations and result in lost productivity, revenue, and even data loss. 

Having a good computer repair specialist company as part of your IT team is crucial in ensuring that any computer problems are fixed quickly and affordably. With today’s technology, it is possible to fix most computer-related issues promptly and with little downtime. A good computer repair specialist company can diagnose and fix computer problems before they escalate, ensuring that your business’s operations are not disrupted.

PC Repair of CT located in Manchester CT is an excellent computer repair specialist company that provides high-quality computer repair services to businesses of all sizes. Our company has been providing computer repair services for many years and has built a reputation for providing excellent service to its clients.

 One of the key benefits of working with PC Repair of CT is that we have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who are well-versed in the latest computer technologies. We have the expertise to diagnose and fix complex computer problems quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Moreover, PC Repair of CT offers affordable computer repair services, ensuring that businesses can access top-quality computer repair services without breaking the bank. We provide transparent pricing, so businesses know exactly what they are paying for, with no hidden fees or charges.

In addition to computer repair services, PC Repair of CT also offers other IT services such as network setup and maintenance, data backup, and cybersecurity services. This means that businesses can access a wide range of IT services from a single provider, making it easier to manage their IT infrastructure.

Computer Services

  • Manage and monitor desktops, servers and networks
  • Install, manage and update virus, spam and spyware/malware software (security)
  • Install and manage software updates and patches
  • Back up servers and workstations
  • Install and manage firewalls
  • Decommission your current business network
  • Provide local IT support via the remote assistance or onsite assistance

Network Services


PC Repair is here to help keep your organization’s computer network up to date and running smoothly. Network administration involves a wide array of operational tasks that help a network to run smoothly and efficiently. Without network administration, it would be very difficult to maintain network operations.


The main tasks associated with network administration include:

  • Design, installation and evaluation of the network
  • Execution and administration of regular backups
  • Creation of precise technical documentation, such as network diagrams, network cabling documents, etc.
  • Provision for precise authentication to access network resources
  • Provision for troubleshooting assistance
  • Administration of network security, including intrusion detection

Server Administration

Installation, configuration and maintenance for reliable file and network security. A company’s computer systems are a critical part of the organization, so a server administrator must be prepared for any potential disaster and have a recovery plan in place. Our technicians ensure your company’s systems are running successfully. 24 x 7.  We monitor the computer systems and network for problems and troubleshoot any problems that arise then correct the problem swiftly and completely.


PC Repair provides the necessary computer services for server upkeep, configuration, and reliable server operation; especially for multi-user computer systems. Aside from identifying and fixing network issues, PC Repair will also make updates to all equipment and software so they’re current. If you’re just getting your organization started, our technicians can help you plan, implement then manage your company’s servers. We’ll help you set up a fast, secure, and reliable computer network for your entire team with our computer services.


Data Backup & Recovery

Implementing file and database backups in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. Losing data is never a choice, but when it happens you can count on PC Repair to recover your data. Call us and our super-knowledgeable technicians are ready to help. No automated attendant – No voicemail. Techs who are eager to help you get your data back. Our mission is to successfully recover your data as safely and quickly as possible, and to provide you with a stress-free experience. We offer great computer services for small to medium-sized businesses and home users. If you’ve lost valuable, irreplaceable data… We can attempt to save it!


Network Security

Take preventative measures to protect your organization’s computer network.

Many network security threats today are spread over the Internet. The most common include:

  • Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
  • Spyware and adware
  • Ransomware
  • Hacker attacks
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Data interception and theft
  • Identity theft

Today, you need multiple layers of security. If one fails, others still stand. Network security is accomplished through both hardware and software. The software must be constantly updated and managed to protect you from emerging threats. A network security system usually consists of many components. Ideally, all components work together, which minimizes maintenance and improves security. Network security components often include:

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Firewall, to block unauthorized access to your network
  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS), to identify fast-spreading threats
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), to provide secure remote access

With network security in place, your company will experience many business benefits. Your company is protected against business disruption, which helps keep employees productive. Network security helps your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance. Because network security helps protect your customers’ data, it reduces the risk of legal action from data theft. Ultimately, network security helps protect a business’s reputation, which is one of its most important assets.


Wireless Networks

Installation, configuration and maintenance for reliable wireless networks. A wireless local-area network (LAN) uses radio waves to connect devices such as laptops to the Internet and to your business network and its applications. When you connect a laptop to a WiFi hotspot at a cafe, hotel, airport lounge, or other public place, you’re connecting to that business’s wireless network. Small businesses can experience many benefits from a wireless network, including:


  • Convenience – Access your network resources from any location within your wireless network’s coverage area or from any WiFi hotspot.
  • Mobility – You’re no longer tied to your desk, as you were with a wired connection. You and your employees can go online in conference room meetings, for example.
  • Productivity – Wireless access to the Internet and to your company’s key applications and resources helps your staff get the job done and encourages collaboration.
  • Easy setup – Connecting to the network is quick and easy.
  • Expandable – You can easily expand wireless networks with existing equipment, while a wired network might require additional wiring.
  • Security – Advances in wireless networks provide robust security protections.
  • Cost – Because wireless networks eliminate or reduce wiring costs, they can cost less to operate than wired networks.

IT Consulting

Having a good computer repair specialist company as part of your IT team is essential in ensuring that any computer problems are fixed quickly and affordably. PC Repair of CT located in Manchester CT is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes, with a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians, affordable prices, and a wide range of IT services. By partnering with PC Repair of CT, businesses can focus on their core operations, knowing that their IT infrastructure is in safe hands.

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