Windows PC Repair Specialists

PC Repair of CT

Our team of Windows PC specialists are the highest caliber professionals you will find. Our team of technicians supports mission-critical Windows environments on a daily basis, and we will treat your PC with the same expertise, care and concern. Whether you need help with virus removal, hardware upgrades, hard drive replacements, speeding up a slow computer, upgrading to Windows 10, installing Microsoft Office, building a custom gaming PC, decommission an existing business or simply help with a computer that is not turning on, we are here to serve.

Some devices that we often repair:

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Custom Build PC’s
  • Gaming PC’s
  • All-in-One Units
  • etc.

Wake up to a blank screen? Need help upgrading your software? Or maybe you’re in need of a new screen all together. We’re here to help with all of your PC, Laptop, and small business needs. Servicing all of Manchester, Connecticut. You have enough to worry about when running your own business. Let us handle your IT and computer service needs, making it one less thing you need to stress over. 

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Having trouble recovering important data? or maybe all that gaming is slowing down your load speeds. Worry no more! After a thorough diagnostic of your PC we’ll get you back online in no time. Need help setting up your new internet provider? Slow or intermittent internet connectivity? 

Common Support Problems

Give us a chance to get your data back, we use the latest recovery techniques. We can advise you on the best UPGRADES for your computer and offer a number of back-up options. We offer extensive malware and virus removal. Once remove, we can then add the PROTECTION you need to prevent reoccurring issues. Viruses are no match for our remote technicians! We can get connected and wipe these out in no time. Our techs also specialize in making sure you are safe and secure moving forward. They will teach you about any browsing habits that may contribute to reinfection and show you what to avoid in order to stay safe online. They will also recommend tools like effective anti-virus software and preventative tools to help keep you safe moving forward.

Installing, removing, and updating programs can leave behind tiny glitches like missing DLLs or unnecessary services. These will accumulate over time and lead to a condition known as corruption. Your computer will try to load things that don’t exist, or run things it doesn’t need to. This leads to errors and a drastic decrease in performance. These problems are a simple matter for a skilled technician to resolve straight away.

Tune-ups and regular maintenance are a normal part of owning a computer. Over time, temporary files accumulate, cookies pile up, junk clogs up your drive and bugs infest your system. A simple routing tune-up clears away all these problems and more. Even if you’re a computer expert, your computer will slow down over time due to normal wear and tear. A routine tune-up will get your computer back to the way it was running the day you got it; maybe even a little better!

Pop-ups are usually a bad sign. They can mean anything from viruses to adware or deeper problems in your computer related to operating system corruption, dll problems, or runtime package errors. These problems continue to snowball until your computer is so bogged down that it will not respond to your commands. A PC Repair tech can resolve all these problems and more with just a few simple fixes!

Reliable computer services to keep you up and running with confidence are what we’re all about at PC Repair. We’re your local provider for a wide array of computer, printer, and server services and repairs. Whether you need to eradicate some viruses, back up your important data, or install a network of printers, we have you covered with our expert business computer services in Manchester, CT.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been resolving a broad range of computer issues for PCs, Macs, and laptops. Our highly trained team of licensed technicians has more than 30 years of experience in addressing even the toughest hardware and software issues. Don’t worry we will fix any problem for any computer, Mac or PC. Call PC Repair today and get your problems fixed.