Computer Repair Nearby Manchester CT

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Need Computer Repair in Nearby Manchester CT?

If you’re searching for “computer repair” and have a problem with your tech, PC Repair can fix it for you. We hate to toot our own horn, but we’ve encountered, diagnosed and repaired pretty much every technology problem in the book! Whether it’s for your home, business, or a personal project — it doesn’t matter — one of our technicians will restore your desktop, laptop or portable device to perfect functioning order in no time.

Is your Windows PC unresponsive? Are you getting that dreaded blue screen of death? Or are you constantly running out of hard drive space? We can help.

We been fixing computers in and around Manchester CT for a decade. Fair to say, we’ve repaired more Windows PCs than we can count! What sets our service apart? Our commitment to carefully identify the problem before attempting a repair.

Before replacing any components one of our expert technicians will run an exhaustive diagnostic of your computer. We’ll identify exactly what’s going wrong and fix it the right way the first time. This saves you time, money and hassle.

If you’re worried you may have lost precious data on your laptop, desktop, a portable device or even an SD card, don’t despair. There’s a good chance we may be able to retrieve some or all of your files for you.

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We’re a locally owned computer repair Connecticut company. And when it comes to getting your equipment fixed reliably and fast, going with a Connecticut based company makes all kind of sense. We’re also completely mobile and offer remote support. Why uproot all your tech and take it to a store when a qualified professional can come to you?

Why Your Neighbors Choose Us:

  • Professional, experienced, & certified technicians… always!
  • Locally-owned & operated in Portland, OR
  • Great service at great prices
  • We work on both PCs & Macs
  • We’ll give you the most cost-efficient choice that makes sense for you
  • We strive to build lasting relationships with our customers

Computer diagnostics and fixing slow, freezing and crashing computers is one of our specialties. We’ll do a thorough scan of your system to identify the issue, which could be a virus infiltration, outdated software, or something else. Call us before you throw away your computer or laptop. We might just save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by diagnosing and fixing your computer like new.

Why You Should Contact Us for Your Slow Computer:

Honest Feedback: We aren’t going to just sell you extra parts or service on a system that is too outdated. We’ll give you an honest assessment and tell you whether it’s more cost effective to have us repair the current system or to get a new computer.

Computer Tune-Ups For Speed: The worst thing about sick computers is that they tend to be very slow. That extra time to wait on a file or webpage to open is not only frustrating, but it’s also costing you money in productivity. Whether the problem is annoying pop-ups or a system that needs a tune-up, we’ll get your computer or laptop zooming again.

Data Recovery: If you do have to move on from that old non-supported Windows 7 or 8 or other systems, don’t worry about the hassle of moving all your files and software. We can do that for you. Our experts can recover data from your old machine and easily get you all set up on a new one in no time.

We strive to earn long-lasting relationships so you know you have someone to count on for any technical situation. To practice social distancing policies, all visits must be made by appointment. Please call us to schedule an appointment.