Kids and Computers

Let me show you a picture of what happens when a 2 year gets on a laptop. After it was brought into our office and repaired this is what it now looks like.

Laptop and Computer Repair
Laptop Repair Services

Yep. The youngster did a number on the keys. She removed about 95% of them. After the customer ordered a new keyboard and the techs at PC Repair of CT installed the new keyboard, mother and daughter left our offices smiling.

Laptops like all computer devices will break. Not much you can do about that. WRONG!!!!

At PC Repair of CT we can do a lot.

Like get your data off your hard drive

Remove viruses that slow your computer down to a crawl

Reload Windows 7 operating system

Setup a new computer? for you.

Little things like that can help make life just a bit easier.

We are affordable and local.

Drop it off in the morning and in most cases pick it up at night.

Stay away from the big guys like Best Buy and PC Richard.

They charge an arm and a leg and will try to get you to buy a new computer system with a warranty that will still cost you money.

NOT here at PC Repair of CT

FREE, yes FREE check on your computer before any work is done.

Go ask Best Buy or PC Richards or any other pc repair place to check your computer for FREE.

No Way!

We have many happy customers and many more to come.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment for us to look at your computer or laptop.