Laptop Repairs

This is a laptop a client just brought in. If you notice in the picture, most of the keys are missing or broken. This is due to her 2 year playing with her laptop.

Laptop Repair Connecticut
Laptop Repair Hartford, CT

Not a problem for the techs at PC Repair of CT. We have the right keyboards for the right laptops and the job goes smoothly. Affordable and no hidden costs.

In fact at PC Repair of CT we DO NOT charge for diagnostics. The big guys do. Not sure why. We will check out your laptop and or computer at no charge. After we find out whats wrong, we can give you an estimate on the repairs. Not worth the repair. No Problem. Take your computer home with you and think about it or maybe its time for a new one.

Finding and getting rid of viruses is our specialty. We can remove most viruses and save your data. In some cases the virus is so bad that we recommend that you start off with a new hard drive and we can get all the data off your old drive and move it to the new drive.

Not sure what to do. Well, first call us and tell us what your problem is what your computer. We can go from there. We are located in downtown Hartford, CT. If you get us the computer early, we might just have it ready for you by the end of the day.

Call first!