Slow Laptops Could Mean Virus Problems

Does your laptop suffer from multiple popups. Not looking to spend lots of $$$$$.

Computer Virus
Computer Virus

Does you laptop or computer run slow.

Does it feel likes its possessed

Runs slow.

Blue screen

Takes forever to load up.

Don’t throw it out the windows.

At PC Repair of CT, located in downtown Hartford, CT, we specialize in affordable and quick repairs.

In most cases, if you leave it with us in the morning, it could be ready be the end of the day.

PC Repair of CT works on damaged screens, keyboard, harddrives and motherboards.We will always stand behind our work and offer NO CHARGE diagnostics.?We will treat you like family at our shop and take care of your equipment like it is our equipment. We have?the most Competitive Prices for?Computer Repairs.?We?offer?a Lowest Price Guarantee and we stand behind it and will honor it at any time. We will always?go that?extra mile, to help you and make sure you are satisfied. Our technical support team is equipped to handle any tech related issues you are having with your computer.

Here are some of the services PC Repair of CT, Located in Downtown Hartford, CT Offers:

heck out all the services we can complete for you:

Computer Checkups
Don?t know what?s wrong with your computer?? We?ll do a complete diagnostic for FREE and figure out what is making your computer act up.

Data Backup to CD/DVD

Backing up data from an old computer can be tedious and difficult. We?ll transfer your important documents, pictures, music, and other data onto industry standard CDs or DVDs so that you can transfer your data to another computer and have a safe backup available whenever you need it.

Full Data Backup Image

Want an exact replica of everything on your older computer? We can duplicate everything on your computer ? or just what you?ll need for the future.

Automated Backup Systems
We can set up a backup system for you that makes sure your pictures documents and music will never be lost.

Operating System Reinstallations and Patches
Clean up your operating system and get your computer running just as fast as it was the day you bought it. We?ll prevent most future problems from occurring by installing patches and updates to the system. If needed, full or partial back-ups for your system are also available.

Home Network Installations
Create workstations anywhere in your home by installing a network. Networking shares valuable resources.? Rather than having a dial-up connection for each machine, get *one* high-speed connection and share it with everyone.? Not interested in buying cheap printers for each machine, buy *one* high quality printer and share it through your new network.? Share files through your network too! Networks can be either wired or wireless for your convenience.

New Computer Onsite Installation
Make your new computer work to its fullest. We?ll set up and install programs, printers, and the Internet so you can do what you want, when you want.

Virus and Spyware Removal
Take care of pesky viruses and intrusive spyware. We?ll confine and remove all the intrusive material on your computer and then install preventative security measures.? Leave this sometimes tedious task to a professional; you?ll be glad you did.

Work From Home/VPN
Connect to your office files from home or the road. We?ll setup your system so that it?s accessible anywhere. Wired or wireless connections available.