Work From Home. Stay Safe!

With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, teams and schools everywhere are moving to remote work and distance learning. Make no mistake, these are stressful times. Solutions to work-from-home pitfalls include as much face-to-face interaction online as possible.

work from home

How to survive when working from home can be quite challenging. In our business the secret is to have good working technology. Simply a computer can get you off the ground and running. However we all wished it went that smoothly.

Typically you start having computer problems. Popup windows, slowness, frozen screens, updates in the middle of work and other unexplained chain of events. That’s where PC Repair can help you maintain that level of sanity and continue with your work.

We have the ability to diagnosis problems quickly and usually within a simple phone call. We also use remote software that will allow us access into your computer and we can see what you see and from there we can show you what seems to be the problem. We do this everyday for our clients.

If you looking to connect your servers and other computers from your office to your home office, we can help you with that as well. Using remote and secure links, we can have you pull files from work to your home computer and sharing them with other members of your group. Sounds crazy? Its being done right now, every day.

Working from home has its good points as well. We all know that at some point we will be back in our offices and life goes on. What we need to worry about now is continuing with life and adapting to technology that will not only help improve our quality of life, but pave the way of the future.

At PC Repair of CT we provide technology and solutions for every business.
Partnering as an extension of your team, our experts will help you design, deploy, and support IT solutions that deliver better business outcomes. From security to end-user computing to network collaboration, we are here to help you work from home.