Home Business Has Arrived

This virus has really impacted the way we live. From waking up each morning till we turn off the lights for the night, our safe little world has changed. The questions is how do we manage and how to move forward.

PC Repair provides support for all of us working at home away from our comfort zone and support team. We have the knowledge to quickly answer your questions and get you back on line. From Remote Conferencing to Slow Computer Problems, we are here to help.

Zoom is one of the top Video Conferencing Apps that allows you to connect to others very easy with ever having to leave home. Imagine spending quality time with friends and family within your finger tips. Zoom works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, so you can use this service on any device.

If your experiencing slowness in the internet or wifi seems spotty, it could be the traffic on the internet or it might be time to look at the current wifi setup and make adjustments. We have the tools to get you a strong and solid wifi signal. Don’t get talked into more bandwidth from your cable provider before talking to us.

Working from home for most can be challenging. From the noise of the kids to the temptation of cleaning last nights dishes, its not the same as being in the office. Take the bull by the horns and make your home office as efficient as your business office.

Ensure your computer equipment is running and applications are working. Windows updates and Virus Scans are a must. Dirt and dust, is a killer to the cooling fans. Keep it clean.

When and if you run into computer issues, we are here to help. Located in Manchester, CT, PC Repair is here to support and make things work. Be Safe and Be Smart.