Viruses are no Joke to your PC

With computer viruses running wild, most clients are loosing their data, pictures and music and most of the time, you just can not get it back.
Worst then that,

the virus can and will spread through your computer network and infect other machines

including your servers. This is a good time to look at your business insurance and make sure you have coverage for work loss due to computer viruses.
It takes money and time to get everything back in working order.

PC Repair Connecticut

This is the kind of viruses that hold your computer “hostage” until you pay a ransom. Yes, a ransom.

Is your system infected by a computer virus? Computer virus cleanup and removal can be a daunting task and computer trojan removal can leave nasty bugs on you computer, such as computer back door, computer password stealers, and other computer malware and spyware.

PC Repair of CT is a computer and laptop repair service center located in Manchester, CT.

We specialize in completely and safely removing computer viruses of all kinds while keeping your Data Safe!
Here at PC Repair of CT we perform computer trojan cleanup, malware removal and fix spyware every day. We’ll install and update your anti-virus software and patch any Windows operating system security risks.

All virus removal and cleanup services are done with your data in mind. Even with the most destructive computer viruses we can repair your computer while protecting and saving your data and important documents, pictures, music and movies.

Almost all computer virus repair services are done the same day so you can continue to work on your computer with peace of mind.

About Ransomware:

Ransomware is a malicious software that purports to be from FBI, Department of Homeland Security, or other official government offices.

This extortive malware prevents computer users from accessing their computers until they pay up to $950 in ransom facilitated through Moneypak or via bitcoins.

The Ransomware is installed furtively in a user’s computer through questionable sites that carry malicious scripts and download Trojan-bundled software without any need for user intervention. Once installed, this Moneypak Ransomware will display a ransom note, alerting the user that the computer is blocked for several stated reasons. As a malware, these warnings are completely baseless, and PC users are discouraged from paying the fine imposed by these scamware artists.

Don’t get caught or held for hostage. Call PC Repair of CT to help you to get your data back.