Computer Repair and Network Support

Does your network seem slow and the computers on it crawl when requesting information?

If so, maybe its time to call PC Repair of CT for a network diagnostic check and solutions on how to speed up your data flow.

Working on small business networks gives us an insight of the many different problems a user can have according to Mark Ambrose, President of Computer Repair of CT. Located in Hartford and Manchester Connecticut, we see all kinds of people with different problems such as viruses, outdated PCs, and poor wiring. ?These are just a few of the problems that we see and have solutions to fix them.

Our technicians are trained to look and detect computer problems. From a slow startup to multiple popups we have seen them all.

If you’re looking for an affordable IT solution, then our services would be a great fit for you and your company.

We can help design, install and setup your computers, routers, firewalls, modems, backups to your new network and get it up and running quickly.

We are professionals that have been doing this for many years.

We are here in Connecticut to help and support you!