Small Business PC Setup

At PC Repair of Manchester, CT, you don’t have to break the bank to get a small business computer setup for your home or office. Our small business IT Services start with a risk free consultation. Computer problem diagnosis is always free, regardless of the solution.

Good small business IT service management is critical but can be expensive. For instance, are your full-time IT employees spending their day waiting for something to break?  Do you want to avoid payroll & benefits expense yet keep your technology infrastructure running smoothly? Ask how much it will cost our team of experts to get and keep your information technology functions operating at full potential. You many be surprised how significant the cost savings will be.

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Whether you need basic or advanced security, our expert network engineers will help you with all your network security issues. We provide IT security support in the Connecticut area. Wireless and wired networks are our specialty! Whether you have 5 or 50 computers, we’ll work to make sure you have a dependable and reliable network. Remote services are also available.

As a small business, you may not need a lot of IT or network support. But when you do need it, you need it NOW. Unfortunately, the last minute is not the best time to find a quality IT service provider. Get ahead of the game by lining up your technology before disaster strikes. With on demand computer repair and network support services from PC Repair.

A small sample of the popular services include:

  • Slow computer or network issues
  • Virus or Spyware Removal
  • Computer startup problems or freezing up
  • New Computer Setup and transfer of data files
  • Printer not printing
  • Not connecting to the Internet
  • Scanner not working
  • Wireless network Setup and Securing Access
  • Digital Camera Setup and Photo Transfer
  • Data Backup or Recovery
  • Business Network Firewall Setup and maintenance
  • QuickBooks Setup and Maintenance or Sharing between Computers
  • Microsoft Office Outlook Email Issues or Slow Performance
  • Firewall or Internet Router Setup
  • iPhone and iPad setup for email
  • Android or Windows Smartphone setup
  • Upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 from Windows XP
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