Offering In-House Computer Support in Tolland and Windham County

PC Repair of CT is now offering In-Home computer services to Tolland and Windham county.


Computer Support
Stay and home and we will come to you

Now you can call us for an in-home computer diagnosis of your computer network.

We will be able to perform on-site repairs as well as provide solutions to most common problems.

Our training department has skilled teachers that can start with the very basics of computes to the Microsoft Office suite including Word and Excel.

Our staff can educate you on how viruses spread and what steps to take to avoid getting “bite” by the nasty bug.

We also believe in safeguarding and protecting your pictures and music. Let us show you how to backup all your personal data.

Its just a a simple call to our offices or fill out our form on the website to schedule an appointment.

Don’t get left behind in today’s technology. We are here to help you.