Broken Laptop Screens can be replaced with new and affordable Laptop Screens

You don’t have to break the budget to get your laptop screen replaced and up and running once again.

At PC Repair of CT, we check for you at no charge the condition of your laptop, not just the screen.

In most cases, laptops are dropped and there could be internal damage as well as physical damage.

We can assist you in determining the extent of the damage to the laptop.

If the damage is so great we could advise you to “JUNK” the laptop and buy another.

Most places will see you another machine without checking your laptop.

Screen are ordered by the customer to ensure no PRICE markups like the big guys.

We tell you what to order and and from who.

Saving you money and time.

We also provide TuneUps of your laptop.

We remove viruses, that can slow you laptop down to a crawl.

We also can remove data in most cases from a damaged hard drive.

All those pictures, Itunes library and movies can be SAVED.

Memory ugrades are also available.

Located in downtown Hartford, we make the repair easy on you.

Drop off the laptop during the day and pickup and your way home in most cases.

Give us a call today to get your laptop under the microscope and cleaned up.