Manchester CT Computer Repair 2-22-22

computer repair

Are you experiencing the following problems:

The laptop turns on but nothing shows on the screen.


The computer does not power on.

Dim screen.

Screen replacement.

The system hangs up or shuts down by itself.

Keyboard repair.

Password reset.

Missing drivers.

No video.

Power jack replacement.

Viruses, malware, and spyware.

Can not access the internet.

Unable to charge the battery.

USB port problems.Wireless connection problem.

Computer not booting.

Damaged hard drive.

Spyware and malware.

Windows installation.

Data backup and transfer.

Windows Operating System repair.

Data recovery.

computer repair

Our main goal is to deliver quality customer care while making the service process fast and easy for our customers. At PC Repair located in Manchester CT, we offer affordable prices on all repairs. For most repairs we can get you up and running in less then 24 hours.

For a monthly flat-fee, PC Repair can provide you with a comprehensive, turnkey and proactive Managed IT Services Solution. Professional Computer Repair Solutions.

Our managed IT services allow you to reduce cost, mitigate risk and most importantly focus on running your business not your Technology.

With our outsourced IT Managed services, we become an extension of your business, and true partner. Because our IT managed services is based on a flat monthly fee, it allows you the ability to budget for you IT support costs annually. Our relationship begins with free evaluation of the current state of your IT environment; this will allow us to create a report that will enable us to design a technology plan that aligns with your short and long-term business goals.

​Laptop and Desktop Repair

When your laptop or desktop is not working at its best it can be a real problem. Depend on us to get it working again fast so that you can get back to work. From hard drive and memory upgrades to logic board repair our well trained technicians are ready to help. We will do our best to get your machine back to you quickly and affordably while paying close attention to saving your precious information. Unlike other shops we take extra steps to ensure the safety of your data through the repair process. After all your computer is replaceable but your memories and information are not. Apple Laptops, Apple Desktops, and PC Laptops welcome! Computer Repair is affordable and comes with a quick turnaround.

Use Technology That is Fast and Secure

Stop fighting your technology, and make it work for you! By providing you with proactive technology upgrades, we put you back in control, and make recommendations before disaster strikes. We’ll make sure your software and hardware are tailored for top performance and productivity in your specific industry – and give you the structured support you need for maximum productivity. Stop guessing about IT costs and start planning for them. We’ll give you flat-fee, discounted rates on all maintenance. We also provide budget projections on any upgrades you may need in the near future.