Computer Virus Removal

PC Repair of CT, knows that the best PC virus removal tips for protecting your computer. After all, we?ve seen the damage that viruses can do! We?ve also perfected the methods for removing all types of viruses.

Like the viruses that infect people, computer viruses get into your computer and attack the data or the system itself. It is introduced as a piece of code that copies and spreads throughout the system quickly. The sooner the virus is removed, the less time it has to damage and corrupt your computer.

The virus attaches to a file, program, or document where it lies dormant until you do something that causes the computer to execute the code. For example, if the virus is delivered through an email attachment, it remains dormant until you open the email attachment. Until you do, there is no way to know it is there.

Once the virus is active, it goes to work stealing data, logging data, obtaining your passwords, and a lot more. It also has the ability to spread to other computers on the same network as yours. Funny cartoons that you share on social media, downloads from unknown websites, and certain email attachments are all potential viruses.

Viruses are more sophisticated today, finding their way into your computer in many ways. Even your mobile devices are at risk from viruses that you download as apps. Viruses can also be spread through text messages.


Here are some free tips on how NOT to catch a virus. Now more than ever, it?s very?important to be extra safe? everyone should have these 3 things in order:

  1. Backup, backup, backup!
    There are some really good options for backup these days, and whether you want an offsite backup in ?the cloud? or want something backed up to a hard drive next to your computer, just make sure you have a good, reliable backup of some sort. A good image backup can save you from a hard drive crash or or ransomware, like this WannaCryptor virus.
  2. A Solid?Antivirus
    We used to be okay with free antivirus products like Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG Antivirus and Avast, but with the increasing threat of sophisticated viruses, etc. we?ve changed our recommended. The best we?ve found are ESET, Kaspersky and (our favorite) Webroot, can help protect you from threats like this. We even have a special Webroot console that lets us make sure updates and scans are done at the right times. We can actually remotely manage your antivirus from our office! ?
  3. Update & Patch Management
    This might be the most important in this list. The WannaCry virus could have been mostly prevented if Windows updates and software updates were done on time. Although every once in a while, Windows updates can cause issues, they fix bugs, make things run better and most importantly? patch the operating system for vulnerabilities like the one that was causing all this trouble.

Symptoms of Spyware Infection

  • Slow moving computer
  • Sudden change in appearance for your internet homepage
  • Long startup time
  • Lots of popups
  • Strange error messages
  • Warnings of infection
  • System crashes and reboots

Cleaning up virus and spyware infections can be a difficult task. The thorough way is to format your computer and reinstall all of your software. For the average PC or Mac user, this isn’t an easy series of tasks. Not only do you run the risk of losing your documents and files with such a restore, you can also lose programs that have been installed on your computer.

PC Repair of CT always leaves a restore as the absolute last resort. In many cases it is possible to clean your computer of infections without losing existing files and programs. It can also be tricky to clean up the infections without creating new problems. Let us do the dirty work for you and use our experience to get your computer running virus and spyware free.

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