Computer Repair in Your Neighborhood

Looking for a better computer repair option?

Taking your computer in for repair is about as enjoyable as going to the doctor. We offer local, family run, laptop & computer repair services at a price the big box stores can?t beat. We offer services for the casual?computer user all the way up to medium sized businesses. Why do we have more 5 star ratings than any other company in Hartford Connecticut? We take the time to answer your questions, and ?find the right solutions for your situation. Appointments are necessary, and our average turnaround time is only 2 days. All repairs and data recovery are done in house by us. Stop on by with your device during normal business hours and let us help you get back up and running!

computer repair

* Do you have malware, viruses, popups, ransomware, or spyware?

* Is your laptop screen or digitizer broken?

* Laptop stop charging?

* Has your hard drive died, and you need data recovery?

* Need to reinstall Windows AND keep your data?

* Did you buy a new computer and need your data transferred?

* Need to upgrade to a SSD or larger hard drive?

* Did you receive a call from ?Microsoft? or ?Windows??

* Perhaps your computer just isn?t running right!

Why Hire Us?
When you employ our IT support and SEO services, you get more time to focus on your core business. You don?t need to worry about the technical stuff. Those way business owners are able to concentrate on running their business. For most business owners, maintaining their IT network is not part of their core skills. By outsourcing your IT support to us, you will be able to put all your attention on improving the business? bottom line.

We understand how small to medium businesses work, and that?s why we offer effective IT services in Connecticut. We personalize the services to ensure that they get the solutions they need. We are committed on delivering high-quality services to all the small to medium businesses in the city.

Whenever you need IT consulting and support, don?t forget to contact PR Repair of CT Computer Services. We can help reduce the cost of running and maintaining the system, and at the same improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce. We offer competitive pricing for all your IT support needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services that include computer support, new computer purchase, server maintenance, SEO, and a lot more.