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Specialized in Desktop and Laptop Computer Upgrades & Repair Service for Windows PC and Mac Computers. PC Repair does it all from a computer memory upgrade, hard drive upgrades, system troubleshooting and repair, laptop screen replacement, etc.

At PC Repair we believe that computer service and tech support go hand in hand. We praise ourselves as one of the few companies in the industry to fulfill a need that goes way beyond just servicing computers. We fill that gap by being a full-service technology solution company that delivers service along with tech support to our customers.

We have been helping Small Business and Homes in Connecticut for decades, providing outstanding quality technology services. All of our Computer Technicians have many years of professional experience dealing with all kinds of computer issues, from a dead hard drive to a computer that just won’t turn-on to a computer that keeps on crashing. You name it. We do it all.

computer repair

Our friendly and professional IT consultants are available when your business needs it. Give us a call if you are a small business and do not want to incur the cost of a full-time computer staff. Invest in technology, improve communication, and eliminate manual operations. Thus, you can improve your business productivity, profitability, and operations through technology. The right technology partner is essential to maintaining an edge over the competition. This is where we can help you focus on growing your business.

Our IT services for small businesses include helpdesk, technical support, network support, procurement, asset management, licensing, corporate IT services, custom website designs, remote management, and much more. With us, you can be assured we will strive for reliability and security from computer network through best practices. We offer comprehensive IT services and support plans customized to meet your unique business needs.

Computer Not Working? We Can Help!

It can be incredibly difficult to determine what is wrong when a computer is not working correctly. Our expert technicians have decades of experience running diagnostics & troubleshooting. We take your device, run our diagnostic software and show you the results of the test to help determine exactly where the problem lies. After reviewing this together we discuss with you the best course of action in repairing or replacing parts to restore your device to working order.

data recovery

Data Recovery Services

Our files and data are important to us. Whether you’ve lost important financial records, priceless photos of family and friends, or other important documents, our expert technicians can take your damaged storage drives and devices to determine if the files can be recovered. In rare cases, the drive may be too damaged but a majority of the time files are still restorable when previously thought to be lost. PC Repair can also help you back up your storage devices so that your files are safe and not at risk of being lost due to a failing or damaged storage drive.

If your machine is old and slow, it may be time to replace it.  We offer fully customizable PC’s at a very competitive cost, from standard “vanilla” desktops to full gaming machines!  Also, is your server past its limit?  Has it reached its “end-of-life”?  We offer custom servers for all of your business needs! We specialize in building custom networks to fit your needs.  Do you need a file off of a different computer?  Is your business dependent on a special program?  Do you need a strong wireless solution?  We can provide it all! Computer Repair Services, located in Manchester CT.