A Clean Computer Saves You From Stress and Downtime

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A clean and maintained computer will last you forever. If you let your computer go to hell, this is what you get. A bunch of metal that won’t do anything. Don’t let this happen to your computer. Go with PC Repair Manchester to help with all your computer issues.

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There is enough dust in this customers computer to make a pillow. Don’t let this happen to your computer. A clean computer will work harder and faster. The dust slows the fans down and results in the whole system heating up and eventually the computer will shut down.

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Our techs will clean up your new computer and ensure there is proper ventilation and the temperature is well within the specifications of the machine. We provide Comprehensive Hardware/Software Repair & Upgrade Services. Our techs will also remove viruses, malware, restore your data and system, perform necessary repairs to get you and your system up and running.

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PC Repair Services: Our main goal is to deliver quality customer care while making the service process fast and easy for our customers. We receive great satisfaction from helping our own Manchester and Greater Hartford Area communities. We offer caring, direct, personalized service. It’s never hard to reach us and we’re there for you when you need us most.

Virus Removal: As computer attacks become more common and bold it is important to have a reliable IT team on your side. Most viruses are so advanced that they will prevent most anti-virus software from detecting them. Our technicians will swiftly identify viruses, malware, or trojans, and remove them to ensure your computer is completely restored.

Internet Services: Do you have problems with reliability or connection speeds with your business/personal internet? Our professionals can help you. Whether it be a networking issue, cabling, or a problem directly with your internet provider: Our PC Repair technicians are trained to diagnose and advise you with solutions to any connectivity issues.

Data Recovery | Lost Files: Have you lost old files on your PC due to an old or corrupted hard drive? No need to worry – Our team of experts can  restore files from your system, and create data backups to prevent future loss of files. Our associates can help you out, and do our best to make sure that your lost files will be recovered.

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HELP!!! : If you just need some help with simply upgrading your system, then we can help with that as well! Our associates can help with any sort of upgrades, both large and small, all at very competitive rates. We can help out with any upgrades imaginable, whether it be simply adding additional case fans, to swapping out CPUs or GPUs, or switching your entire system to a brand-new PC case – we can do it all!