Trusted Computer Support

In Hartford, its difficult to find a company to help you with your computer network or your business. Most computer places are too expensive or not dependable.

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At PC Repair of CT, located in downtown Hartford, CT, we specialize in keeping our customers happy. We work with out-of-state companies that hire us to do work in the Connecticut area. We are professionals and we know our business.

From computer, laptops, networks, Internet, WiFi, to viruse removal we can do it all.
We are affordable so you can use us when you need us. NO CONTRACTS. Unless you want us to server as a retainer for your business.

We have been in the Hartford area for over 22 years. We know the area and we support the people in Hartford.

We can handle all of your computer problems. From helpdesk support, to those nasty
viruses, we can put your business back on line.

Some of the services that we offer

Virus & Spyware Removal
Slow Computers
Computer Boot Failure
Desktop & Laptop Repair
Apple & Mac Repair
Hard Drive Crashes
New Computer Setup
Data Transfer
Operating System Repair
Software Installation
Hardware Installation
Networking (Wired & Wireless)
Internet Service Setup
Internet Connection Troubleshooting
Data Recovery & Retrieval
Email Setup & Troubleshooting
Website Design & Hosting
Server Setup & Support
QuickBooks Setup & Training
System Roll-Outs

At PC Repair Of CT, we specialize in meeting the needs of small businesses and organizations. We realize you don’t have enough computers to merit a full time information technology employee, but still have very real computer needs. We are proud to offer a complete menu of services.


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Network Design, Installation, and Administration

Do your employees all need access to the same files? Do you have one color printer and need to print from several computers? Want to share a high speed connection with several computers? PC Repair of CT can help you get all of your computers communicating.

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We can determine the cause of any problem – hardware or software – and then make recommendations and complete repairs.

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Just because your equipment no longer fully meets your business needs doesn’t necessarily mean you need a whole new system. We can upgrade parts of your equipment, making keeping up with your businesses needs more affordable.

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Do you need a new scanner, camera, printer or other device? Do you have one that has never worked quite right? We can help make recommendations and install or configure your devices. Installations are guaranteed.

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Go Wireless

We can network all of your computers without the need for expensive cable installation or wires dangling all over your office.

Or, do you have a business where customers often have to wait? Do you hate having a reception area full of impatient guests? Why not give them wireless internet access and turn their downtime from a liability to a benefit you can offer? We can easily set up internet access for your customers, independent of your system and your data.

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Data Backup

You need a copy of all your important data. Loss of crucial data can be devastating and time consuming, if not impossible, to rebuild. We can create backups of your data on a one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. PC Repair of CT can store your data in the cloud in case a catastrophe occurs at yours.

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Don’t let your business become a victim of data theft or electronic sabotage. We can provide a full security package to protect your important information.

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Would you like an email address that reflects your business name and not the internet service provider you use? Its cheaper than you may think. Your name can be registered and your email hosted for one low price. You don’t need to buy any special equipment. We will be happy to set it all up for you.

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Web Design

Many customers look first to the internet for information about your business and services. Don’t lose customers because you lack a web presence. DTG can design a website for you at a very reasonable price.

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Employee Training

You have this great new system, but its useless if your employees can’t use it. We can teach your employees and provide documentation on anything we repair or install.

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Maintenance Contracts

PC Repair of CT can provide a contract for regular monthly maintenance on your computers plus provide bonus hours for those unexpected problems for one low monthly rate.