Slow Laptop Broken Screen Missing Keys

At pcrepair of ct, located in downtown Hartford, our friendly staff can help you save money and walk away with a fixed laptop or computer.

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Broken screens seem to be on the rise. Before we recommend a new screen we like to see your computer and make sure that there is no other damage before you spend money on a new screen.

Best Buy or PC Richards will charge to evaluate your computer. NOT HERE.

No charge to look at the computer and tell you what your options are.

Once a screen has been selected, you can order online the parts and when they come in, but it back to us for the installation.

Best Buy and PC Richards will mark up the screen to make a profit.


You buy it on your credit card avoiding any type of mark up.

Bring us the new screen or keyboad and give us a couple of hours to install it and test the computer out.

Then you come and pick it up.

Its that simple.

If your computer is running slow, it could be a virus or a bunch of viruses.

We can help you remove the viruses and if your system is too messed up, we can remove the data off your hard drive and transfer it to a new hard drive or new computer.

Small businesses. This is your time to listen.

You can’t afford a professional IT staff full time.

With our “block of time” you pay only for IT services that you recieve.

Pc Repair of CT has been doing business in the Hartford area for the past 15 years.

Our company provides the best in computer repair services and IT consulting.

Give us a call today and let us help you clean up your computer problems.