Office Computers at Their Worst Let us Clean up the mess

On a recent service call I came accross this installation.

Does this look familar?

This is a potential fire hazard as well as unsightliness for customers looking over the counter.

The technicians of pcrepairofct go out of their ways to ensure that all equipment and wiring is done in a neat and secure manner.

Computer installations, Laptop installs, network wiring and setup are tasks that are handled on a daily basis by pcrepairofct.

We work with small and medium size businesses as well as non commercial businesses.

If you business has not had an upgrade or cleanup in years, now is the time to do this task. We can schedule our times so not to intefer with the daily work schedule.

If you laptop or computer is broken, we can advise you on costs and is it worth repairing.

We are not out to sell you the kitchen sink, but help you get back on the ground again.

At, all of us work together to get your system back on line.

If you want it to look good and safe, can give you that satisfaction.