Nothing But PROBLEMS


If that is what your computer is giving you now, don’t get crazy!

Bring it down to the offices of PCRepairofCT located in downtown Hartford, CT.

Broken Screens, Blue Screens, Missing Keys, Slow, Viruses and on and on and on….

At we fix your computer right the first time.

No charge to look at your computer and tell your what you need.

Our services include both corporate and residential.




Virus Removal

When your system goes down, it doesn’t have to take your life away from you.. Our quick turn around PC repair services can do just that for you. We also take the hassle out of computer repair. You will pay only for the PC repairs you actually receive and our repair service rates are very competitive, some say even crazy. But its all good.

Our PC repair technicians are among the best in computer business, with computer repair experience spanning over the last 25 years of computer development and hardware expertise. We can give you a free estimate on repair. Our technicians will go over with you your options and explain every step of the process with you in normal terms.

We pride ourselves on knowing that you have trusted us with the care of your computer and take great steps to ensure that when a computer repair is done, it will be in the best performance condition possible.

Before you trust someone else with your system and its sensitive data, give us a call. See how our tech group can revive your system and help you take steps to keeping your machine healthy and problem free.

By appointment only.? Please call us at 860-244-8111.