Local PC Repair Hartford Area Affordable Prices

At PC Repair of CT, the technical staff handles all kinds of computer problems on a daily basis.
The support center also maintains a network of small businesses under their watchful eye.
Support calls and service dispatches are handled by this group.

There is no need for you to wait for computer support.
Located in Hartford, PC Repair of CT can dispatch a technician out to your business to fix the problem.

Broken laptop screens to keys missing on your keyboard, all can be fixed at affordable prices.

If your computer is running slow, your screen displaying multiple popups, blue screens…

Maybe its time you brought your computer to PC Repair of CT for a full diagnosis.

Smaller businesses that can’t afford a full time technical staff, HELP is on the way.

Our technical plan includes “Blocks of Time” that you purchase.

You only use the time you need to solve the problems.

Bank the rest.

If you need more information about the computer services provided by PC Repair of CT, call us at 860-244-8111