Laptops and Computer Repairs all at affordable prices and nearby location

Located in downtown Hartford, PC Repair of CT provides laptop and computer repair for all models of computers.
From broken screens, missing keys, bluescreen or crashed hard drives, we can repair all type of machines.

computer repair services located in downtown Hartford
computer repair services located in downtown Hartford

Bring in your machine today for a FREE diagnosis. No Strings Attached.

We want you to be happy and your computer to work, right!

Virus Removal
100% success ratio
all new variants caught
we succeed where others failed
Spyware Removal
Remove pop-ups and spyware
Speed up your computer
Remove security risks
Slow Computer Issues
Repair Registry Errors
Remove unused applications
Optimize Performance
General Compuer Problems
Blue Screen of Death
Windows won’t boot
Applications won’t startup
Wireless Networking
Secure your wireless network
Protect your information
Add new computers to your network
Hardware Upgrades
System RAM Upgrades
Install SSD’s
Accelerate Gaming and Graphics