Laptop Problems with Windows 10

The end has come and gone for Win 7. It?s? been a long time favorite operating system for home & business users, but now the end has come for Win 7. If your laptop is running this version, time to move up!

If you don?t already have a plan in place to upgrade your Win 7 PCs
(desktops, tablets or laptops) to Windows 10, now is the time!

We suggest you put this service on your 2019 budget todo list and make
sure this work is completed well in advance of the end of the year.

One way or another other, you HAVE move over to Win 10. why not
upgrade your current PC now while we can still convert your Win 7
license to Win 10 for free?

But, before jumping in and upgrading or installing Win 10, on your PC
(desktop, tablet or laptop) it is 1st wise to be certain of a few things. Although Win 10 has been around for awhile, it still has its ups and downs. Meaning BUGS!!!!

At PC Repair CT, we provide upgrade services from Win 7 to Win 10 fully testing your hardware before you take the plunge. We will advise you on the ability of your pc to handle this upgrade. In some upgrades the computer is to old or just not powerful enough to run Win 10.

Current users of Windows 10 do occasionally have problems with their computers. Freezing up, slowness, programs not opening and more. Fix these problems quick with our help. We are affordable and offer quick turnaround.