Hard Drive Repair

PC Repair of CT offers data recovery services for all makes and models of computers for hard drive repair. Our professional hard drive data recovery specialists use state-of-the-art, non-invasive technology to ensure that we recover data from your failed hard drive. Where other companies may consider a failed hard drive unrecoverable, PC Repair may still be able to recover data thought to be lost. Located in Manchester and Hartford, CT., we are just a phone call away to helping you get your computer back on line.


We offer a free evaluation for single hard drives as long as the drive has not been opened and exposed to air, ?or had water or fire damage. After performing an evaluation on your hard drive, our engineers will expediently determine the failure of the hard drive, and what the fastest, most cost-effective method the data recovery will be. You will be contacted shortly after the evaluation has been completed, and advised of all options. Our staff understands how difficult it can be to experience a hard drive crash, and will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure a quick recovery of your valuable data.

Hard drive failures

Some people think their computer is the ?hard drive?.? However, the hard drive is a small metal box inside your computer or laptop. Your hard drive is where all of your data, programs and even the operating system (aka Windows) is stored. All hard drives will fail sooner or later. They have moving parts and ball bearings which eventually fail.? If your hard drive fails we may be able to recover your data and photos. If you?ve noticed clicking noises from your computer or unusually slow performance, let PC Repair of CT. diagnose the problem for you. We can troubleshoot your hard drive and either repair it or replace it and back up or recover your data and photos.? Of course, you should always have backups of your data. If you don?t currently backup up your data in real-time, give us a call today and let us show you how we can guarantee you will never ever lose any of your data, ever. Real-time data backup is very affordable and fully automated so you don?t have to do anything once we set it up for you!

Other common repair issues include ? Failing cooling fans which cause your system to overheat, failing RAM which can cause BSOD (Blue screen of death) and failing motherboards. So, whether you?re facing a hardware, software, or power supply issue, the expert team here at PC Repair of CT is here to locate your problem and solve it. Give us a call or stop by today!


hard drive repair

Most Common Problems with Laptops Computers

  • Virus and Malware Issues
  • Cracked, broken, or damaged LCD screen
  • Power jack damaged or not working
  • Fan / overheating problems
  • Liquid / spill damage
  • Hinge problems
  • Random shutdowns or reboots
  • Failing hard drive
  • Keyboard failure
  • Laptop Power Cord
  • Motherboard problems