Fix Your Computer

That’s what we do at PC Repair of CT. Desktops and Laptops. We have repaired hundreds of them. Our prices beat anyone around the Connecticut area. We are professionals and know how to get your computer back up and running. Quick and affordably.

We offer FREE in-house diagnostics to pin point the problem with your computer and to give you a fair estimate on the cost of repairs. No games with us. Fair pricing. PC Repair located in Manchester and Hartford CT.

pc repair

Our expertise and assortment of Services cover all computer problems relating to PC and MAC. We have a friendly and patient customer care attitude. We inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem ? permanently!?Call us 860-244-8111 with any computer repair questions you might have.


Networking is an essential part of both the home and business computing environments. PC Repair of CT has extensive experience in all forms of computer networking for both wired and wireless networks. We also carry a full line of networking components from a simple modem to the most complex routers, switches, and gateway devices.

PC Repair is dedicated to helping you keep your network running smoothly, while you focus on your business.

We specialize in:?

-?Installation of Network Cabling and Set-Up?- for wired and wireless networks in new and existing structures.

-?Network Support?- including administration and remote administration, our network management services ensures that your computer infrastructure runs smoothly.?

-?Network Configuration and Troubleshooting?- of both wired and wireless networks.?

-?Network Security?- We get to know your IT usage, security needs and critical systems so we can advise you on protection and support where you need it most.?

-?Network Software Installation?- We help you with the timing of software and computer upgrades, and provide detailed planning so as to minimize interruptions to your business.?

-?System Backup and Monitoring?? We understand how important your data is to your daily operation and will work directly with you to create and implement a backup plan.?

If you need help with installing, implementing, upgrading, maintaining, or securing your computer network please?Contact Us?at (860) 244-8111. We?ll be glad to explain our network services and the benefits of working with us in a language you can understand.

Let us help you with our in-depth knowledge of information technology products and solutions from motherboards to laptops, hard-drives to webcams and everything in-between, we are a one-stop shop for all of your computer needs. If you want a hardware upgrade or new software, contact PC Repair of CT, our friendly tech team, we?re ready to help you.