Dust and your computers. Not in my house!

Just finished up a network for a local business when I came accross this server.

The clients complained that it was slow and seemed to run hot.

I will let you guess why. People pay us to figure this out.

Computers need to breath in order to run properly. As you can see, all the vent holes within the red area are blocked with dust. This prevents the system from getting air in to cool the processor down. This machine had? be shut down and taken outside with an air compressor and blown out.

Now the machine works cooler, faster and the client has been informed on how to keep their computers running the proper way.

If your computers are old or have not had service performed within a year, this is the time to call pcrepairof ct to come down to your business and clean up your shop.

Imagine your server shut down due to dust. You stand a big change of burning out the processor or worst, loosing all your data.

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