Computer Repair Services

For fast?Computer Repair you can come to PC Repair of CT. Whether you need virus removal, laptop screen repair or any other type of PC or Mac repair, we understand that your computer is important to nearly every aspect of your life, and they work tirelessly to get it back to normal. We know you don?t have time for downtime.

We can solve any computer related problems:

  • Physical damage.?You dropped your laptop, spilled coke all over the keyboard, or your kid tried to cram a logo into the DVD tray.
  • Hardware issues.?The touchpad is broken, or the power jack has fallen inside the case.
  • Software glitches.?Computer Viruses have infected your operating system software, or you can?t get your favorite word processing program to function properly.

In some cases, one problem can lead to others, but you don?t have to understand what?s wrong with your computer to get it fixed. Just bring it to us, and our team of talented computer technicians will quickly diagnose your device and let you know how long it will take to repair it. We know that you need your computer back ASAP, and we work to get your computer functioning at 100 percent as quickly as possible. For the very best in computer repair, call us now.? 860-244-8111computer repair

Does Your Computer Have a Virus?

Is your computer running slowly or not the same as it normally does? Does it ever start up or does it just stop at the startup screen? Don’t overlook this as just “a glitch” that you can worry about later because there’s usually an underlying factor causing the issues. During these times of uncertainty, you need to be aware of how dangerous the Internet really is. Having a computer, laptop or desktop PC without proper antivirus AND malware protection for even one day could be a disaster. Your entire system could crash and never start again without having to deal with expensive computer repair services, or even worse, Data Recovery Services if necessary.?It is often very difficult for a user to know if they are infected.?It takes a skilled Computer Virus and Malware Removal Professional to effectively remove Viruses, Malware and Spyware to ultimately restore your computer(s) to normal operating levels, without losing precious data, pictures or email.

Be Aware of the Most Common Cyber Threats

Unfortunately, the Internet world is loaded with all kinds of Viruses and Malware. As we previously mentioned, some of them are designed to steal your valuable personal information while others were created to do damage to your computers. The most common threat today is?Ransomware, which is designed to hold the user hostage by locking up their entire computer until a ransom is paid. PC Repair of CT is well trained and experienced in this arena of Specialized Viral and Malware Detection and Removal, so call us first today! There are a number of types of malware to be aware of. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • ?Viruses
  • ?Trojans
  • ?Spyware
  • ?Adware
  • ?Hijackers
  • ?Keyloggers
  • ?Worms

computer repair viruses

What To Do If You Have a Virus

If you suspect that the computer in your home or business has been infected,?immediately make a call to PC Repair of CT today at 860-244-8111 so that we can immediately discuss your issues and find the best resolution that fits your exact needs. You can bring in your computer and a qualified technician to remove all of the Viruses, Malware, Spyware etc. and restore the entire system. Plus, we will install proper anti-virus protection to help prevent issues down the road.

Virus Prevention Tips

Here are some important tips that we offer our clients to keep them safe from being attacked by a virus:

  • ?Make sure that your network and each individual computer has proper anti-virus software
  • ?Take the time to make sure any wireless networks are secure
  • ?Never open e-mails from unknown sources, even your most trusted sources can unknowingly send you a virus
  • ?Use only well known Internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Chrome
  • ?Never click on advertisements, error messages or links that show up in pop-up windows
  • ?Always keep the anti-virus software on your computer up to date
  • ?Never download software from websites that you are not familiar with or know
  • ?Set up an anti-virus maintenance program with your IT support