Computer Repair Services CT

We know that when your computer,?PC?or laptop breaks you need a quick and easy?computer repair, and you need a?repair?service that is fast, convenient and reliable. You use your?computer?for work, home, email, browsing, chatting, and for much more.

PC Repair of CT provides quick diagnostics of your computer and affordable repair. We can tailor a solution for your specific businesses needs. Our technicians will use the latest technology to create these distinctive solutions, thus allowing for increased productivity in your business and a higher return on investment.

computer repair

Virus / Malware / Spyware / Pop-Up Removal
Computer running slow? Getting weird pop-ups?
90 percent of all PC related issues are directly related to
a virus and/or spyware infection. Let PC Repair get your machine
running at it’s peak performance again!

Hardware / Software Upgrades
Need more RAM? How about a Blu-Ray or DVD Burner?
Time to upgrade that video card for a better multimedia/gaming experience?
Ready to upgrade to Windows 10? How about a free Microsoft
Office alternative? PC Repair can answer all your questions and so many more.
Give us a call today!

Need to share your high speed Internet connection with all the computers
in your home? How about a faster Wi-Fi experience? Need your office wired, or perhaps completely converted over to wireless? If it involves connectivity PC Repair can handle it quickly and cost efficiently!

Backups / Network Attached Storage ( NAS )
Are you prepared for a disaster? What happens if your hard disk drive fails?
Do you have the peace of mind that your data, pictures, videos, email, etc are safe?
We can offer the best solution to these questions. Have the certainty that if your data was compromised you’d have a backup plan in place!

For a thin piece of portable technology, it?s almost amazing that laptops last as long as they do without being dropped, spilled on, or otherwise damaged. But when those issues occur, the results can be devastating, with cracked screens, damaged motherboards, and more. They also tend to be slower than their PC counterpart, and prone to the exact same virus and malware issues.

When you have a problem with your laptop, contact PC Repair, Connecticut’s leading computer repair provider.